Friday, March 13, 2009

Random thoughts!

First off, it can quit snowing anytime ~ I am totally over it! All I can think of lately is basking in the sun with a good book (I'm dying to read World Without End, Ken Follet's follow up to Pillars of the Earth) and sipping an iced tea. I don't do the fake tan thing but am seriously considering it. I am tired of looking at my blindingly white, fish belly colored, skin! Ahhh the joys of living in the great white north.

I also can't stop thinking about strawberries. They are horrible this time of year and I just want to eat them till I burst! Prolly goes hand in hand with the need for sunshine thing!

I was really TO'd this morning because I was really in the zone on a layout I'm working on (yes it is chock full of strawberries) and I had to stop and go to work! Don't you just hate it when your job interferes with your scrapbooking!

On the topic of scrapbooking I gotta say that I am totally in love with Bo Bunnys Double Dot line. If you haven't picked any of this up yet, take a peek. The texture is delicious and comes in such yummy colors! I get mine from Lil Lambs Boutique. I don't have every color yet but I won't rest till I do!

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