Thursday, January 21, 2010

Valentine ~ Wood you be mine?

My dear hubby is not a real sentimental guy, but I know when he really likes a card I make for him, because he takes it to work and puts it on his bulletin board.  I hope this years card makes the board!

This card was made using  the George and Basic Shapes and Gypsy Font cartridges and lots and lots of welding!  I welded two hearts (from George cart) together to create the base of the card which I cut out of paper with a wood grain.  I inked the edeges with  Smooch Spritz Pearlized Spray (available from Lil' Lambs Boutique).  This spray is so yummy with is subtle pearly shimmer ~ you just gotta give it a try!

The heart lace was created by using that same heart shape (from the George cartridge) as a base.  I then layered and welded two small hearts together and welded them to the base, and each other, all the way around, turning each as I went.  I cut it out of Doodlebug Sugarcoated white paper.  A few stickeled hearts and a greeting and the front was done!

The greeting is the Gypsy font.  I like welding smaller size cuts together because it makes it so much easier to put together after it is cut! 

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  1. Get out!! That card is awesome. It better make the board. I love the heart edges. It really looks like delicate wood cutting. You rock!