Monday, January 2, 2012

I'm back!!!!! In in my NEW Scraproom!

Wow - it has been forever since I have posted here on my blog.  I really have missed it, but have a good excuse, really, I do!  As most of my followers know, we live in rural North Dakota, out in the country.  But not any more!!!!  Once again, it is proven to me that good things come to those who wait!

Last April we got a letter from the county that the land right next door had been sold and they were planning an asphalt plant, gravel pit, shop, office and quarters for their staff.  Devastated, we went to the hearing and of course all of our concerns and pleas fell on deaf ears and the plan was approved.  Long story short, we sold our place in the country and started the house building process in town.

Our home sold in 2.5 weeks and we were out 10 days later.  We are experiencing the largest oil boom in the areas history, so housing is non-existent.  Part of the sale of our home was that the buyer provide a suitable home for our family till our house was complete.  My husband, our 3 teenagers and I moved into an apartment (sans all scrapping stuff, which was carefully packed away awaiting it's very own room in the new house!!!)  What an adventure apartment living was.

In addition to all that chaos, I quit my old part time job and started a full time job.  So with that, moving into our new home, the holidays and a wicked case of bronchitis that has held on for 6 weeks, this blog had to be put on hold.

The house turned out lovely, room for everyone.  We have had more company in the past 2 months than we had in 5 years out in the country.  We are settled in nicely and I finally have my scraproom all to myself and I'd like to share it with you.  I still have a lot of decorating to do but it is finally functional.  Voila:

I love, love, love my work table, plenty of room to scrap with friends!

I had this hutch at my old place but love it in my new space.  It closes up to hide all the mess but I rarely close it up!  The top shelves hold all my card stock, the drawers are so handy for all the things I constantly use.  It also houses my Cricut Expression.  So convenient.

Here is a peek inside one of the smaller drawers,  all my Stickles and embossing powders.  Pop dots are in another and adhesives in yet another!  So handy.

I used legal size hanging folders and pocket files to store my scrap paper in the large drawer to the lower left.   Each is for a different color and I have made it a habit to check here for paper before I cut a new sheet.  I am using way more scrap paper than I used to.

In this corner I placed my huge metal drawer cabinet and old printer table that my dear hubby painted black.  The printer table holds my Cricut Imagine and cannisters of primas sorted by color.

Here is a peek at how I store my cartridges in the huge file cabinet.

And my ribbon and Primas

And my stamps and ink.  I have converted many of my Stampin' Up! stamps to cling and they are stored in the CD cases on the right.

More importantly, I have begun to scrap again and am over the moon!  Please to enjoy my first few pages from my new favorite place on earth!

Happy New Year Everyone!

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  1. Welcome back! I completely understand as we started the entire land buying/house builing process in February last year and moved in October. The new house is FABULOUS and we love our new neighborhood and neighbors but, it seemed like forever before I could craft again! Congrats on the new craft room, It's a fantastic feeling, I'm sure!!!