Sunday, September 26, 2010

Abby ~ Abby Normal

Monday begins Homecoming week at my daughters school.  Tuesday is dynamic duo day.  She and her friend are going as Dr. Frankenstein and Igor.  They were able to see the Broadway production of Mel Brook's Young Frankenstein on their band trip last summer.  They thought it was hysterical!

So today, I had to come up with an abnormal brain in a jar and a tunic and cowl with the requisite "hump"!  I was stumped on the brain but then it came to me. Heat set modeling clay rolled into long thin noodles and applied in brain like patterns to a base of clay covered tinfoil.  After we baked it, we gave it a coat of paint and several coats of sealer and floated it into some green tinted water in a jar.  Here's the result.

Pretty realistic, huh?  She is going to set it in the middle of the table at lunch!  LOL  For her costume, I bought some super cheap broadcloth.  I found the pattern for the cowl on line by googling "make medieval cowl" and then just a simple tunic.  I think it turned out hysterical. 

How funny is this?  I know this isn't a scrapbooking post, but I am definitely going to scrap these pictures! 

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