Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Digging Out

I think I'm calling this photo "Digging Out"! This is the second round of snow blowing and shoveling my boys have done today!

Mother Nature has seems to be off her meds and can't quite decide what she wants to do. It was 38 degrees and pouring rain yesterday and today it looks like this! They actually called a snow day for the kiddos and they are enjoying it (except the shoveling part)!


  1. Wow Patti, I think I'd appreciate that deep snow for about an hour and then I'd be all "take it awaaaaaaay!"

  2. I am finally at that point of "take it awaaaaay!" and it keeps coming down. The roads are horrible and thats the part I hate! Some one told me that we've gotten over 60 inches of snow this season! Thats five flippin feet! But some mornings when it is all silvery white outside I jsut can't help but marvel about the beauty of it all!